Oktober 2020

Bitcoin is a million times better than gold, says CEO of MicroStrategy

25.10.2020 | 18:38 | Read article

Bitcoin is a million times better than gold, according to MicroStrategy’s CEO. Michael Saylor, the CEO of the company that bought bitcoin for $425 million…

Coinbase fires several employees following a controversial cultural stance

16.10.2020 | 08:00 | Read article

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong publishes more details on his company’s changing landscape. Following adjustments to company policies, Coinbase, the popular US-based crypto-currency exchange, has received…

Bitcoin começa um novo mês em alta tendência

2.10.2020 | 13:16 | Read article

Outubro chegou, e Bitcoin começa este novo mês em uma tendência ascendente. Também é acompanhada pelas principais criptos do mercado, em verde. Após um importante…