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April 25, 2015




ACTION ALERT - April 24, 2015

The Arc Thanks State Representative Mark Born!

In response to the concerns about provisions in the state budget proposal that would significantly impact IRIS, Family Care and Aging and Disability Resource Centers, as well as the hundreds of thousands of people served by these programs and resources, State Representative Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) has proposed an amendment to the state budget that would remove these provisions from the state budget process. This has been the request of many people and organizations, including The Arc-Wisconsin.

The Arc-Wisconsin urges everyone with an interest in these issues to take action in the following two ways:

  1. Contact State Representative Mark Born to thank him for being responsive to the concerns thousands of people have expressed about the proposed changes to long-term care programs and the ADRCs. Click here for his contact information;
  2. Contact your State Representative and State Senator and urge them to support the Born amendment to the state budget proposal. You can find out who your two state legislators are through the "Find My Legislators" button on the upper right section of the Wisconsin State Legislature home page. Click here for the website.

To assist you in crafting your message, here is The Arc-Wisconsin position statement:

Given that Governor Walker's 2015-17 biennial budget proposal includes many reforms to Family Care and IRIS that will have a significant impact on those enrolled in these programs and that there was no opportunity for discussion of those proposed reforms involving stakeholders prior to the introduction of the state budget proposal, The Arc-Wisconsin Disability Association supports removing the Family Care and IRIS reform provisions from the state budget proposal and handling them as policy issues involving separate legislation. This will ensure that any proposed reforms have a better chance of being effective by providing the opportunity to incorporate input and suggestions from people currently involved in Family Care and IRIS, as well as input from state legislators representing the people of Wisconsin.


Joint Committee on Finance Approves Division of Medicaid Services, April 17, 2015 

  • options A1 and B3 of Budget Paper #365 adopted on 12-4 party line vote;
  • watch video of discussion on WisconsinEye. From main page, click on Video Archive button on left menu. Select Joint Legislative Committees. Select 2015-2016. Select Joint Committee on Finance. Select 04.17.15. Select Watch or Listen. The fun starts at the 3 hour, 15 minute mark and lasts about 20 minutes.

NEW! "Providing Jobs, Changing Lives", Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, April 25, 2015

"Know Your Madisonian:  Paul White", Wisconsin State Journal, April 2, 2015

"Joe Parisi urges legislators not to bid out services for elderly, disabled", Wisconsin State Journal, April 1, 2015

Governor Walker's budget proposal requires all counties to participate in Family Care by January 1, 2017, or upon federal government approval.

  • requires all counties to participate in Family Care by January 1, 2017, or upon federal government approval;
  • requires all Family Care managed care organizations (MCOs) to offer primary and acute care services to members (in addition to long-term care services), including self-directed care (the IRIS program would be eliminated);
  • provides Family Care members with a choice of MCOs in order to determine which best meets their needs;
  • regulates MCOs as insurance companies under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

2015 Senate Bill 21 (Budget Proposal) Summary of Changes to Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs



NEW!  Family Care and IRIS Enrollment Data by County


The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Emerging from the Great Recession, January, 2015


Future Planning: It's Possible and Necessary


Future planning is important for all families. Thinking about the future can be challenging and emotional. However, experience shows that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) make a better transition from the family home when the family has planned for the future.


The Arc has created the Center for Future Planning to support and encourage adults with I/DD and their families to plan for the future. The Center's website (futureplanning.thearc.org) is the first step in achieving that goal.


The website provides reliable information and assistance to families and individuals with I/DD on areas such as person-centered planning, decision-making, housing options, financial planning, employment and daily activities, and making social connections. In addition, the website provides information to family members, friends, and professionals that support individuals with I/DD. The website also features stories of people and families who have created future plans or who are in the planning process.


Planning ahead can be difficult, but it's possible and necessary. You can learn more about the resources the Center for Future Planning provides at futureplanning.thearc.org. Please contact The Arc-Wisconsin or The Arc's national office at (202) 202-617-3268 for more help.


Informational Paper #42: Medical Assistance and Related Program, Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, January 2015


Department of Health Services 2015-17 Budget Request, September 15, 2014